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West Coast Swing at the Denver Turnverein









RMSDC Sunday Dance and Lessons

Sunday December 8th - Denver Turnverein​​


Birthday Dance! Join us for cake and dancing!

Avoid long lines! Arrive before 5:15pm to avoid long lines!

Check in faster! RMSDC is now issuing dancer check in cards that can be stored on your phone! Ask at the front desk to get your barcode emailed to you!

Get a Denver Turnverein membership and attend all RMSDC dances for half price!


RMSDC is now offering private mini-lessons! 15 minutes for $15 with our Sunday dance instructors.  Please make appointments at the front desk. Times: 7:00 & 7:15pm.

RMSDC Youth Dance Program Free WCS lessons and dance admission for students 19 and under! Students can attend any dance class for free and receive free dance admission! Students under 18 must have the liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please check in at the front desk with student ID for registration or download a copy. Note: For students older than 19, member & guest prices apply.


5:30 - 6:30pm - Free Basic Class

with Kimberly Connolly

Free with dance admission


5:30 - 6:30pm - Bridge to Intermediate Class

with Chloe Leighty

$3 member / $5 guest

5:30 - 6:30pm - Intermediate Class

with Laura Koch

$5 member / $8 guest

6:30 - 9:30pm - West Coast Swing Dance

with DJ Farrell Woods

$5 member / $10 guest

7:00 & 7:15pm - Mini-Privates

$15 for 15 minutes

Class prices do not include dance admission.

Additional parking available.  Pick up a permit at the front desk. Permit is good only for the day issued and will have parking location and instructions on it. Pull up in front of the Turnverein front steps, park temporarily and get a permit from the front desk.

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West Coast Swing is a form of swing dancing that is danced in a slot to moderate tempo blues, R&B and, in recent times, contemporary music. It is the smother, sexier version of the swing dance family....READ MORE

What to Expect?

Have a desire to try something new?


Partner not necessary!


Previous dance experience not necessary!


All ages!


We are a fun, social non-profit organization that offers dance lessons and a social dance every Sunday.  Wear clothing that is comfortable for you to move in.  Be prepared for a great evening of non-stop dancing. Everyone dances with everyone which means, if it's your first time, you will get asked to dance! Check out our dance calendar for dates and special upcoming events!


For directions to the Turnverein click here!

For parking information click here!

On nights where the lot is full please park briefly in front and you can receive a pass to put on your dash and park north down the bloack in the bank lot on the right. 

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Sunday West Coast Swing Lessons

General Dance Admission: 

Adult Members- $5

Adult Non-Members - $10

Students 18 & UNDER Valid ID - $3

Students 19 & OLDER Valid ID - $5

First Time Visiting: $5

Beginner class:

Free with a paid admission above


MUST be able to do the Beginner class basics  best described as "not having to think much about them social dancing"

 $3 for members
 $5 for non-members
(admission is additional)


Intermediate class:

MUST know 6 count basics and 8 count whip with basic variations for participation

 $5 for members

 $8 for non-members

(admission is additional)



Introduction/Beginner WCS  

Emphasis on 6 count moves
Never danced Before? Start Tonight! 
Six Count Basic Moves, Floor Etiquette, Starter Step



Bridge-to-Intermediate Program

We love this class! This class reviews 6 count basics and teaches the most important concepts in connection and other beginner technique as well as 8 count whip patterns with variations.



Intermediate WCS/Technique

This class will include instruction on improving your connection, patterns that go beyond the basics, musicality. Must know 6 count and 8 count basics with variations, how to pivot turn, tuck turn variations and starter step


6:30-9:30pm  Social Dance

iWhere: Located Upstairs in the Denver Turnverein