RMSDC: News Update and Notice of Annual Meeting and Election of Board Members

The RMSDC board met Sunday June 7 via Zoom.  Although we aren’t back to dancing yet, the board is working on long term goals.  We are in a “wait and see” mode as to when we can get back to dancing.

We are required by the bylaws to have an annual meeting before the end of August.  The planned date and time is Sunday August 23, 2020 at 6:00pm.  We may or may not be back to meeting in person by that date.  If we can’t meet in person, the meeting will likely be via Zoom.  In either case we have a quorum requirement of 25 attendees and hope that you will join.  If we do have a Zoom meeting, we will get the link sent out in email a few days before the meeting.

At the annual meeting we will review the financial status of the club, the progress made towards becoming a tax deductible organization for donations, elect new board members and/or renew those who are willing to serve another term.  A board member’s term is 2 years and approximately half the board is elected each year.  That helps insure continuity from year to year.

This year's board members whose terms are expiring are:

  • James & Luaine Swanson

We want to thank these board members for their dedication and service to the club.

There are six available positions this year (including those that want to run for another term).  Anyone wishing to run for the board should notify us through the website:

The expiring board member who is willing to serve another term is: James Swanson

Things to do:

  • Mark your calendar: Sunday August 23, 6:00 PM (25 minimum attendees required)

  • Consider running for the board and notify us (through the website)


COVID-19 Update to Our Dancers

We hope this email finds you well and coping with stay at home orders. We suspect that many of our members have been financially impacted by the pandemic.  Our hearts go out to our dancing friends with concern for your well-being during this difficult time.  If you are struggling during these tough times, don’t go it alone.  Please reach out for help.  Dancers are a tight-knit community and we discretely pass the word to try to get you some help.

When will we get back to dancing?

The RMSDC board has been discussing when it will be safe to reopen for dancing.  The consensus:  it’s too early to pin a date.  We expect restrictions to be lifted gradually and dancing may be something that takes longer than other activities.  We will keep you posted.

What is the RMSDC Board doing in the meantime?

The board has met twice since we suspended dancing.  One concern we had immediately was for our bartender, Marina.   Her only job is at the Turnverein where she works part-time on an hourly basis.  No dances, no income.  At April’s meeting, the board voted to pay Marina for the 8 RMSDC dances in April and May that we would be closed down.   Art Abington (RMSDC Treasurer) is also the VP of the Turnverein and he has reached out to the other 3 clubs suggesting they might do something.  He has also urged the Turnverein board to consider providing some income to Marina.

Steve Eschenbach (RMSDC President), Lora Mays (Secretary), and Art are taking this opportunity to work on a plan to change our organization from a nonprofit Social Club status (501c7) to a nonprofit charitable status (501c3).   Promoting, teaching, and providing dancing events falls under categories such as the arts, education, and promoting public well-being thus qualifying as a charitable purpose.  Benefits to our organization would include eliminating a membership requirement and opening up the possibility for donations to be tax deductible.

Turnverein Update

Steve and Art are both on the Turnverein Board of Directors.   The Turnverein board has taken several steps to help the Turnverein remain in good shape physically and financially during these times.  The Turnverein has been closed for the safety of our dancers and instructors and will remain closed until the board feels it is safe to reopen.  Heating, lighting, trash, and other expenses have been scaled back.   In the meantime several maintenance projects, repairs, and painting have been undertaken.  Steve and Ed Moore have applied for a second Historical Fund grant to restore the windows on the front of the building.  Judy Hopper and Tina Davis have put together an application for a CARES loan.

What Can You Do to Help?

Memberships - RMSDC strongly urges our dancers to renew their memberships.  Emails will be going out reminding members to renew.  Consider renewing now even though we aren’t dancing to help sustain the Turnverein.


Donations – Those who can and want to should consider donating.  Donations to the Turnverein are eligible for tax deductions in many cases.  A suggestion was made that many dancers may want to donate the price of one dance a month.  One dancer we know of is donating their entire monthly dancing budget.


Lessons – Seek out our instructors.  We know of some members taking private lessons via Zoom with some instructors.  Many of our instructors rely on their dance instruction income.


Web Meetings – Let us know if you are interested in an online RMSDC Dancers Zoom.  Some other dancing groups in town are doing those.

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5280 Westival

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Join us to see why everyone is talking about 5280! From the Irish Beer on Friday and the S'mores & Irish Coffee on Saturday (both included in the weekend pass) to the Leveled Workshops and the Late Night Social Dancing, 5280 is an event geared to bring out the best in you. Don't miss the most talented instructors and handpicked DJs for this wonderful event on November 5th - 8th, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Hotel.

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What to Expect?

Have a desire to try something new?


Partner not necessary!


Previous dance experience not necessary!


All ages!


We are a fun, social non-profit organization that offers dance lessons and a social dance every Sunday.  Wear clothing that is comfortable for you to move in.  Be prepared for a great evening of non-stop dancing. Everyone dances with everyone which means, if it's your first time, you will get asked to dance! Check out our dance calendar for dates and special upcoming events!


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On nights where the lot is full please park briefly in front and you can receive a pass to put on your dash and park north down the bloack in the bank lot on the right. 

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Sunday West Coast Swing Lessons

General Dance Admission: 

Adult Members- $5

Adult Non-Members - $10

Students 18 & UNDER Valid ID - $3

Students 19 & OLDER Valid ID - $5

First Time Visiting: $5

Beginner class:

Free with a paid admission above


MUST be able to do the Beginner class basics  best described as "not having to think much about them social dancing"

 $3 for members
 $5 for non-members
(admission is additional)


Intermediate class:

MUST know 6 count basics and 8 count whip with basic variations for participation

 $5 for members

 $8 for non-members

(admission is additional)



Introduction/Beginner WCS  

Emphasis on 6 count moves
Never danced Before? Start Tonight! 
Six Count Basic Moves, Floor Etiquette, Starter Step



Bridge-to-Intermediate Program

We love this class! This class reviews 6 count basics and teaches the most important concepts in connection and other beginner technique as well as 8 count whip patterns with variations.



Intermediate WCS/Technique

This class will include instruction on improving your connection, patterns that go beyond the basics, musicality. Must know 6 count and 8 count basics with variations, how to pivot turn, tuck turn variations and starter step


6:30-9:30pm  Social Dance

iWhere: Located Upstairs in the Denver Turnverein



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