Dance Lessons, Becoming a Member, and Getting Involved

January 06, 2017

Thanks for inquiring about our club. This section gives an overview of lessons and membership. You may reference our membership page on-line for more specifics. 


The beginner lesson is free with paid dance admission.  The first time you attend the cost is $5 which covers both the class and the dance.  You may feel you don't need to attend the dance at first, but it helps you learn faster.  We price the classes on top of the dance admission because we encourage new dancers to stay and dance.  This reinforces what is learned in class and makes students a much better dancer in a shorter time.


We are a member club, so members get a discount.  After the first time you attend, you can join ($55 for a year and further discounted for students and military) which brings regular dance admission down to $5 or you can keep coming as a non-member and the dance admission is then $10.  The beginner classes are always free with any paid admission. 


After you complete the basics (about 4-6 times attending the free lesson), you have two more class options.


The "Bridge to Intermediate" class is $3 members and $5 nonmembers in addition to the  dance admission of either $5 or $10 as listed above. 


The Intermediate class is $5 members and $8 nonmembers in addition to the  dance admission of either $5 or $10 as listed above. 

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